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"Go big or go home. Because it’s true. What do you have to lose?"

Sam Witwer + Sammy & Meaghan

"When me and Sammy and Meaghan sat in a room together, it was immediately apparent that this was the group that was going to get cast. There was just something about everyone’s energy, where we understood exactly where our performances need to sit, opposed to each other. Sammy knew when to come in and say something off of my timing, which I knew because Meaghan gave me an opening to say something else. It was just this weird voodoo where we immediately not only knew how to work with each other, but liked each other a lot, just from the get-go, and really enjoyed each other’s performances immediately."
Favorite Video Game Characters: Maya the Siren
->Borderlands 2
Mia Kirshner various interviews


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buffy appreciation weekday two:  favorite pairing or friendship

buffy, willow & xander